Digital People The Revolution

Digital People is a project that brings blockchain technology to everyday life and is designed to bring innovation to traditional business understanding.


Why Blockchain? Blockchain Transparency Explained

Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using encryption.

  • It is the most efficient form of decentralization today. By definition, the blockchain is resistant to modifications in your data.
  • It is an open and distributed book that can record transactions between two parties in an efficient, verifiable and permanent manner.
  • By storing data on your network, Blockchain eliminates a number of risks that come with data being kept centrally.


Digital People Technological Innovation

Digital People is a powerful step and investment in the future of the technology world, formed by combining three large blockchain-based, integrated softwares into one platform.

  • Blockchain-based Food Ordering Platform
  • User friendly Crypto Currency Exchange App
  • Crypto Currency Payment Gateway App


Digital People Theme

Food Ordering Platform

Blockchain-based highly secure and fully transparent platform.


Critical company data will kept on blockchain for full transparency to our token holders. Blockchains are decentralized in nature meaning that no single person the authority of the overall network. While everybody in the network has the copy of the distributed ledger with them, no one can modify it on his or her own. This unique feature of blockchain allows transparency and security while giving power to the users.

Crypto Exchange

Simple and very user friendly crypto exchange app where you can securely store, send and receive your tokens.

Profit from Success

Digital People (DGPE) token, allows holders to profit from the success of the project. By holding your tokens long term you will receive dividens each month and until the projects are up and running you will receive bonus tokens as our appreciation for your support.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Bringing crypto into real life. An app where merchants can accept crypto payments.

Innovative Business Structure

The company structure strengthened by our investor base and the infrastructure driven by mass formation. Software developed using transparent and advanced technology.


Huge and Diverse Market

Number of Worldwide Users Ordering Food Online

632 Million

Total Daily Crypto Currency Volume

50 Billion USD

Global Digital Payment

4 Billion USD

our way

Road Map

Q1 2019

Project Envision

Market Resarch

Business Model Development

Brand and Concept

Whitepaper v1.0

Q2 2019

Team Formation

Development Roadmap

Project Announcement

ICO Development

Food Platform Client Side

Q3 2019

Food Platform Restaurant Side

Food Platform Mobile Apps

Starting Crypto Exchange

Q4 2019

ICO Launch

Private Sale

Pre Sale

Telegram Community

Food Platform Alpha Version

Q1 2020

General Sale

Sales Team visiting Restaurants

Marketing Campaign Planing

Food Platform Beta Version

Crypto Exchange Alpha Version

Q2 2020

Q2 2020 - Delayed Due to Covid 19 Virus

Q3 2020

Finish Token Sale

Food Platform Testing

Crypto Exchange Beta Version

Starting Merchant App Development

Marketing for Food Platform (

Q4 2020

Launch Food Ordering Platfom (

Crypto Exchange Testing

Marketing for Crypto Exchange & Merchant App

Sales Team visiting businesses for Merchant App

Q1 2021

Launch Crypto Exchange & Merchant App

Global Marketing Plan

Social Media & Influencers

Mobile app

Digital People (DGPE) Token Wallet App

Our fast, simple and easy to use wallet app. You can securely store, send & receive your DGPE Tokens.

Our data

Token Distribution

  • Name: Digital People (DGPE) Token
  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH
Hard cap 10 Million USD
Soft cap 1 Million USD
Cost of 1 DGPE Token 0.10 Cent
  • New Token Emissions: Unavailable
  • Bonus System: Yes
  • Private Sale: Yes
  • Pre Sale: Yes
  • Know Your Customer(KYC): No
  • Minimum Personal Cap: 100 USD
  • Whitelist: No
Buy Tokens
  • 25% Distribute to Community
  • 13% Reserved Funding
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 2% Advisors

Our data

Token allocation

  • 100 M Sale
  • 17 M Sale Bonus
  • 25 M Monthly Bonus
  • 18 M Founder
  • 12 M Team
  • 8 M Advisors
  • 7 M Marketing Advisors
  • 5 M Strategic Business Partners
  • 37 M Marketing (Airdrop, Social Bounty, Social Media Buys)
  • 1 M Charity
  • Total Supply: 230 M Tokens

THE sales information

Private Sale :15 November to 31 December (6 weeks)

20 million tokens go on sale with %30 bonus tokens

20m + 6m bonus = 26m

Pre Sale : 1 January to 15 May (18 weeks)

30 million tokens go on sale with %20 bonus tokens

20m + 6m bonus = 26m

General Sale : 16 May to 30 September (14 weeks)

50 million tokens go on sale

50m + 5m bonus = 55m

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